Taurus undertands Retail

Company Profile

Taurus company profile

Corporate Philosophy

Objective advice is a rare commodity. Taurus provides clients with professional, unbiased advice; ensuring that the goals of our clients are always the first priority in any decision. Honesty and integrity are essential elements to our recommendations. We are always working in the best interest of our clients.


To provide the highest quality of service possible to our clients in the field of retail real estate development, leasing, and consulting; to conduct ourselves at all times with integrity and honesty, having the ultimate objective of building substantial long term relationships; to always maintain a focus on the creation of sustainable asset value for our clients; to be known in our industry for maintaining a higher level of knowledge and professionalism than any of our competitors.

Core Values

The following Core Values form the foundation for all business activities of Taurus Property Group:

  1. Deliver what you promise.
  2. Exchange value for value.
  3. Take a long term approach.

What is The Taurus Advantage ?