Taurus undertands Retail

The Taurus Advantage

Taurus understands retail.

We have invested a considerable amount of time in learning the underlying economics of a variety of retail businesses - in turn, we can provide valuable analysis to our clients that helps outline the feasibility and chances of success for a retailer in a given project.

Taurus investigates their clients' properties.

We seek a thorough understanding of every project we are involved with in order to address challenges facing the property and where the potential is to improve or add value.

Taurus has a passion for mixed-use developments.

Taurus makes a priority of understanding land, demographics, governmental initiatives, retailers, development trends, and other important factors that can lend a property to mixed-use development.

Taurus has an Owner's perspective.

The principals of Taurus fundamentally believe that decisions and recommendations to their clients must be for the long-term benefit of the project and their client.

Taurus knows how to merchandise retail centres.

With many years of experience in leasing new developments, enclosed shopping centres and open format centres, we have learned the positive impacts of strong merchandising - and the consequences of poor tenancies.

Taurus is an efficient marketer.

After developing an in-depth understanding of a property, we seek first to develop a business plan for the project, and then follow through with proactive marketing solutions.

Taurus is an objective advisor.

We are a single purpose firm; providing accurate, unbiased advice to owners, investors, and developers of retail and mixed-use properties. We are not influenced by the conflicting agendas or requirements of any other party.

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